Spotlight: Timothy Williams

This week’s composer spotlight is on Timothy Williams. His current project is the soundtrack to ‘Diablo,’ which is available today from Milan Records.

How did you decide that you wanted to be a film composer?
I have always been a huge fan of films, long before becoming a film composer. I was fortunate at my school, that director Paul Almond (Seven Up) decided to shoot his film there. He heard me playing piano and asked if I would like to score a few cues of his film. From that moment on I was hooked. I formally studied in England at the Beaconsfield Film and TV School and went on to work in house at the BBC. I started in earnest in the film industry as a conductor and orchestrator on such film as 300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch & most recently Guardians of The Galaxy. Tyler Bates is a huge mentor to me and working on these beautiful orchestral/hybrid scores have been some of the greatest “wow” moments in my life. Over the last five years I’ve begun to be offered some incredible films. Some of the recent highlights include Beyond All Boundaries, starring Tom Hanks, Walking With The Enemy, starring Ben Kingsley, Red Sky, starring Bill Pullman, Debug, starring Jason Mamoa. This last year, I was honored to score Robert Duvall’s film Wild Horses which starred Robert, Josh Hartnett and James Franco,  Diablo, starring Scott Eastwood, which releases Jan 8th, 2016 and Tank, starring Jack Davenport, which also releasing 2016. My main instrument is piano, although I can play some interesting scratchy fx on cello and most recently shotgun for the Diablo score!

What makes your sound unique?
I love trying to find unusual ways to create scores. With Debug, I tried recording the orchestra and then reversing it. Recently with Diablo I used the gun as a percussive instrument – wire brush, the sound of the gun snapping etc. I also used the harmonium which is one of my new favorite instruments. I love to experiment and love it when a director gets involved in that creative process.

Who is your favorite fictional character and how did they influence your music?
James Bond. One of my favorite composer is John Barry so that had a huge impact on the way I approach music. The main themes on the upcoming Diablo Soundtrack has a definite Barry inspired quality to it.