Spotlight: Ryan Shore

Today we highlight the work of Emmy Award and Grammy Award nominated composer Ryan Shore!

History & background –

I started music at 11 yrs on saxophone, clarinet, flute and piano. I played in all the bands in high school and learned to conduct, and I dabbled a little with composing.  I studied Film Scoring and saxophone at the Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship.  I began my career in NYC working for my uncle Howard Shore for 4 years doing music preparation, orchestrations and music producing.  While in NYC, I worked on Broadway and theater, I went on tour playing saxophone with Matchbox Twenty, and I began scoring short films at NYU.  I scored my first 4 features in NYC, then moved to LA to continue scoring.  I’ve been in LA for 13 years.

Biggest non-musical influences

Great thinkers (Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, The Wright Brothers). Comedians (George Carlin, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld).

What do you do with your limited free time?

I’m a pilot and I enjoy flying around LA, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and the areas in between.

What is the most extreme thing you have ever wanted to do?

Go in space.

If you could travel to any period based on the music, when would you go?

The 1960’s to hear the Miles Davis quintet (w/ Coltrane, Cannonball, and Bill Evans) live.

When did you discover that you wanted to pursue film music?

When I was in high school and started noticing my uncle Howard’s scoring.

How did you first get involved writing music? What challenged you most, and what rewarded you most, as your résumé evolved over the years?

I started writing music when I was 13 years old, when I began exploring ideas on my first keyboard.  What challenged me most was learning to write music which had many layers of writing happening at the same time (ie: melody, various types of melodic accompaniment, arranging, percussion, etc., since I started learning music from the perspective of playing single line melodies on the saxophone).  What rewarded me most was when I began being able to write music which to my ear sounded as complete compositionally and as produced professionally as music which had influenced me.

What do you do to get away from it all? What do you like doing outside of the studio? 

Flying airplanes, playing Scrabble, traveling.


Best concert or musical appearance you’ve ever seen?

Itzhak Perlman in 1991. I couldn’t say for sure it was the best I’ve ever seen, however it stands out for me because it was the first time I ever cried (in a good way) while listening to a music performance.

Where is your favorite place to travel? Have these places ever influenced your work?

I absolutely loved Venice.  It’s certainly one of my favorites.  I’ve only been there once, however I immediately heard music ideas in my mind the first time I took a boat to the city and I could see all the bustling life, beauty, and vibrancy of that tremendous city.