Krakower Group Composer Spotlight: Clinton Shorter

Clinton Shorter

Today we highlight the work of composer Clinton Shorter, whose current projects include SyFy Channel’s “The Expanse.”

When did you discover that you wanted to pursue film music?

After hearing the score to Never Cry Wolf
How did you first get involved writing music? What challenged you most, and what rewarded you most, as your résumé evolved over the years?

Almost from day 1. I was first introduced to music with guitar and wasn’t ever interested in playing cover tunes which wasn’t really the norm for young guitar players, I just found it boring. Fortunately I got paired with a teacher that was like minded so I just learned scales and chords, then I rented a 4 track cassette player and drum machine and made my own instead.
What do you do to get away from it all? What do you like doing outside of the studio?

Used to be golf but with young kids that’s been put on the back burner for now, they’re too much fun.

Best scored movie you’ve ever seen?


What’s your composing method? (a) sitting at a piano (b) computer (c) pencil on manuscript paper (d) improvisation with musicians (e) other

Piano and Guitar

Who are your influences?

Thomas Newman

What do you do with your limited free time? 

Spend it with my family