Krakower Group Spotlight: Movie Score Malaga

movie score malaga

Today, we are happy to spotlight Movie Sccore Málaga (MOSMA) coming up on June 29-July 3!

How did your organization start? When did you learn This Could turn into something great?
The Festival’s organization started in June 2015. We had been trying to build a great festival with great aspirations and future growth for years  but it was not until then that everything came together that allowed this.
And since its inception, we planned for a a big event, with ambitions and a strong will to be  included in the European film music festival circuit.

How long have you been working in this field and what is your greatest accomplishment?
I think some of us in the organization are among the most experienced internationally in this area, and certainly we are the most active in our country. We have an experience of over 11 years organizing events and 15 years in promoting music for the audiovisual media. Our greatest achievement was making the International Film Music Festival City of Ubeda a reality. From that event, many festivals sprout. And this also served us to grow and become what we are now.

Who is your perfect client or partnership and why would They connect with you?
We believe that we are able to touch directly the heart of the audiovisual media music fan in a way that other festivals cannot achieve, mainly because we are such fans ourselves, unlike other festivals that have people in their organization who do not love this music as much as we do. Over time we have become an experienced and professional team, so you could say that we are the perfect team for a festival like this, where   this type of music and people that work to create and promote it are honored.

What is the next step for your organization?
Our first year has been a first step. Necessary, but we have not reached our destination yet. We want to move forward and grow with intelligence and knowledge that comes from experience. We believe that our second year might be a better definition of what we want MOSMA to become.

What would you do even if you did not get paid to do it?
Well, we are talking about facts here. During more than seven years we have organized events without receiving any compensation. Quite the contrary. Having reached this level it is necessary that if we really want a professional and quality event, all persons involved in, should have a remuneration. But if this does not exist… well, you know, we’d still work for our dreams to be real, as we have done in the past.