David Schwartz & axs talk ‘Lady Dynamite’

Lady Dynamite

axs chats with Grammy-nominated Composer David Schwartz about hit Netflix original series ‘Lady Dynamite’.

David’s impressive resume of scoring hits includes much beloved comedy series ‘Northern Exposure’ and cult classic ‘Arrested Development’. He discusses creative process with axs, noting that his process of creating music “does vary greatly depending on both the people and the project. If I have a choice, I like to start with the beginning-first cue, and just work towards the end from there. That is not always possible, so flexibility is always an asset. I think every project I have done has shaped me in some way. You’re often hired to write one kind of music and end up writing something that you are not familiar with at all. That is the great challenge and the fun.”

Read the full interview courtesy of axs, by: Brittany Frederick.