AXS interviews Composer Paul Francis

Composer Paul Francis
Composer Paul Francis recently spoke with Brittany Frederick of AXS about the new sound he created for Legends of the Hidden Temple.
The next generation of the beloved story required music that adhered to the tone of the original while also reinventing a new tune for a new adventure.
“With “Legends of The Hidden Temple,” Nickelodeon had heard some of my stuff and like in most cases they asked me to put a demo together,” Paul said. “As soon as I saw a few scenes and read the script I knew this was going to be a well-suited project for me. My favorite film is “Raiders of The Lost Ark” and my musical inspirations are John Williamsand Alan Silvestri, to name just two. So when I spoke with Joe Menendez, the director, I totally got his vision. We kind of hit it off straight away as we both had a love and appreciation for the same films. In terms of the work process, it was great. Everyone knew what they wanted from the score and they also knew what type of score they were going to get from me, as my disposition was more towards an orchestral, proactive approach in terms of style. It was simply a good collaboration.”
The film premieres on November 26th on Nickelodeon. Read the full interview courtesy of AXS.