Krakower Group Composer Spotlight: Elik Alvarez

Elik Alvarez

Today we’re excited to highlight the work of Composer Elik Alvarez.

If you could travel to any period based on the music, when would you go?

It would have to be between the Classical and Romantic era. I just would’ve loved to see what Beethoven was really like. Apart from his place in history as one of the most significant composers of all times, there is so much that has been written about him that fascinates me: his brilliance, temperament, success, misfortune, etc. Plus beside some wars and a bloody revolution, people seem to have had a lot of fun during those times without having a TV or a Smartphone.

Who are your influences?

Past: (in no particular order) Ralph Vaughan Williams, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Ravel, Sibelius, Tchaikowski, Dario Marianelli, Alberto Iglesias, John Williams, List, Chopin, Chick Corea, Rush…

Outside influences:

My mom and my childhood music teacher.
When did you discover that you wanted to pursue film music?

When I was in my teenage years, I had a band where we mainly performed our original compositions. At that time, The Simpsons became a very popular show and I thought that it’ll be fun to do an arrangement of its theme to be played by my band. Since then, I started to pay close attention to scores and found myself looking into the roll up credits of the films to find out who the composer was. At some point one of my band mates told me about the film scoring program Berklee College of Music offered, and I said to myself: “That’s what I want to do”. I just fell in love with the idea of becoming a film composer, as simple as that. And of course, there is Star Wars and John Williams. Years before my band days, when I was just a kid, my grandfather bought me the Star Wars soundtrack, and I still consider that moment as my first contact with film music. I think I was 7 or 8 and I  used to listen to it very loud in my grandparents living room. I just remember to be amazed by the power of the orchestra, incredible melodies and all the wonderful things the Star Wars music has … and I’m still continue to be amazed by it.

What do you do to get away from it all? What do you like doing outside of the studio?

Spending quality time with my wife and kids, discovering new restaurants around town, and TENNIS, TENNIS, and more TENNIS! I am a huge fan of the sport and play it on a weekly basis. Tennis for me is just the best way to relax my mind while having a great workout.