Krakower Group Spotlight: Freddy Sheinfeld

Today we spotlight Freddy Sheinfeld, whose recent projects include “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions.”

When did you discover that you wanted to pursue film music?

I think I always wanted to be a film composer, but didn’t realize it until much later in High School. My early compositions tended to be very visual and I sometimes would write suites that didn’t conform any classical form, but instead would progress like a story in my mind. I always wanted people imagining a fantastic tale when hearing my music. Later on, I fell in love with Star Trek’s The New Generation (I was always a big sci-fi fan) and loved the main title so much that I started to collect soundtracks and I finally realized that was what I was trying to write all along. It was not until my third year of computer engineering studies that I decided to quit that and give music a serious try. At that point I was already clear that I wanted to write film scores for a living.

What do you do with your limited free time?

I’m a big fan of table tennis (yes, seriously!) and beach volleyball, so If I’m not too busy, I like to play ping-pong (like the Chinese call it…) in one of the many clubs in LA and love playing beach volleyball pick-up games in Santa Monica.

What written work would you most like to compose music for?

Foundation, by Isaac Asimov. It’s by far my favorite science fiction story. I think I already wrote some music inspired on those stories when I was I kid, but probably didn’t even realize it!

If someone decides to make film or a series, call me! I’m actually surprised they haven’t made it yet, but that’s probably a good thing…

Favorite current composer

My favorite composers keep changing almost weekly, but I recently rediscovered an old score that I used to listen almost everyday when it came out: Star Wars “Shadows of the Empire” by Joel McNeely and it’s still sounds so amazing to me. I’m surprised the score is not that well known. So this week I have Joel McNeely on the top of my list!