Billboard Reaction Quotes from Emmy Nominees Jeff Beal and Jeremy Turner

Billboard captures Emmy Award nomination reaction quotes from Composers Jeff Beal (Outstanding Music Composition for a Series: House of Cards) and Jeremy Turner (Outstanding Music Composition for a Limited Series, Movie or Special: Five Came Back).

“I was home getting ready to start my writing day when my publicist called me with this news. It sounds strange to say, having won an Emmy Award already for House of Cards, but I am incredibly surprised to be recognized with a nomination for Season 5,” Jeff Beal said. “It just shows that people are still invested in the Underwoods, and I am genuinely proud to be along for the ride.”

Jeremy Turner was similarly elated. “I was on a trail run this morning, and when I got back to my car there was a congratulatory text from my wife with a photo of her and our newborn, both smiling. I began working on Five Came Back just before the holidays, with very little runway left in the schedule so it was a real race. But the finish line for me was recording the score at Warner Bros, having friends fly in from all over to be a part of the orchestra. That was truly special.”

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