Krakower Group Composer Spotlight: Tim Wynn

Tim Wynn

Today we are excited to spotlight Composer Tim Wynn, whose most recent projects include Disney XD’s  MECH-X4.

How did you first get involved writing music? What challenged you most, and what rewarded you most, as your résumé evolved over the years?

I think I was around 8 years old when I started to write music. At the time there was always a stereo in our house playing music. When I was alone I would play air guitar or take out my tennis raquet and pretend I was either Sting from The Police, or one of the Beatles (not named Ringo.) My bike was my freedom at that age and I fondly recall making up songs and melodies while riding my bike to and from football practice. I also remember coming home from school and rushing to the piano to work out the melodies that were spinning around in my head.

The biggest challenge for me probably came after graduating from USC. You come away from USC ready to take on the world and thinking that you should be composing for top movies.The realization is that you start at the bottom and work your way up.

I think every project has it’s own unique rewards and problems to overcome. But my favorite reward so far was being hired to compose for EA’s the Simpsons game. We ended up recording the score up at Skywalker ranch. There’s nothing like conducting your own music in front of 80 amazing musicians for a week at one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

What do you do to get away from it all? What do you like doing outside of the studio?

Anything active. Sitting in front of a keyboard 6-7 days a week can take it’s toll. I love getting away from it and being outside with my wife and kids. I try to swim and ride bikes at least an hour each day. The time away from the keyboard are where some of my best musical ideas come from.

Best concert or musical appearance you’ve ever seen?
Gustav Holst’s “ The Planets” at the Hollywood bowl. It’s one of my favorite pieces and there was nothing better than hearing it live.

What makes your sound unique?

I think my way of blending of traditional with modern elements. I like to take orchestral colors and use technology to morph and twist them into something unique.