Composer Spotlight: Tyler Traband

Excited to spotlight Composer Tyler Traband today! His recent projects include Frank Lloyd Wright documentary ‘An American Home,’ which has several upcoming screenings.

What do you do with your limited free time:

Life long fly fisherman.  These days, in the ocean around Topanga.  I make all my own rods and tie all my own flies. Frisbee- used to compete in Freestyle, professional level frisbee golfer back in the day. Canoeing, kayaking, anything outdoors.  

Who are you Influences?


Alexandre Desplat, Stevie wonder (always- the early stuff,) Motown, Herbie Hancock, Dave Brubeck.  LOVE that live players are getting hip again.  It;s about friggin time!


Alan Sylvestri, Miles Davis, Sting, Peter Gabriel, U2, Vangellis, Tori Amos, Elton John, Ben Folds

Outside influences?

Chamber singers, madrigal groups, acapella groups-  anything with LIVE players and/or live recordings.  I LOVE musicians.  Being in LA is the first time in YEARS I feel like I’m with “My People.”  So Liberating!

Favorite Current Composer?

Alexandre Desplat.  Genius- in every genre.  So well rounded and so good at both supporting a scene and then, if necessary, LEADING that scene- tying everthing together with the score.

Best Scored movie?

Maybe Predator.  The movie is so 80’s cheese but the score is still astounding, even 30 years later.

What is your composing method?

Sometimes I start on the piano, But I often write in my head, far away from the studio. I tend to have a lot of memos audio memos on my phone for progressions, melodic ideas. I spend most my time arranging right at the computer, letting the palette dictate my choices.  Pen and paper for me is a last resort, LOL, although I have plenty of hand written staves and ideas on napkins, the backs of receipts, other people stationery… my penmanship is never been very good, And I am in awe people thinking right out of finished draft I Manuscript paper. I’ll do a crossword in pen, but not my notation!

What do you find most challenging?

Relationships!! I always try to take the long view, and try to plant as many seeds as possible. I’ve been in LA less than 3 years, but have met SO many amazing people. These days for me the challenge is in keeping all of those seeds watered  and cultivating all my new relationships. FULL TIME JOB! Writing the music has ALWAYS been the easy part. All this other stuff is serious work!

What do you do to get away from it all?

I love road trips, Short ones, long ones, Doesn’t matter! I’m thrilled anytime more than 60 miles out of town. Again, flyfishing, canoeing, really want to get scuba certified! And start diving with the kids. Anything out in nature, Anywhere we can go where we don’t see another living person.

Best concert you’ve ever seen? Stevie wonder at the Marcus amphitheater in 2007. Unbelievable – his voice sounded better than on record, His band was absolutely slammin’, I called the next tunes correct nine times–just love this man!  Without a doubt my favorite concert of all time.

What is your favorite song that you’d rather not admit? 

mmm bop by Hanson.  These kids were FANTASTIC live.  Even at 13 that lil’ scrapp was PLAYING them drums! 

Dancing Queen by ABBA. WHAT a JAM! Those harmonies still bring a tear to my eye.  


Posted on April 3, 2018