Composer Spotlight: Elia Cmiral

Today we are excited to spotlight Composer Elia Cmiral, whose latest projects include ‘Lacrimosa.’

What influences has music had on your family?

I grew up surrounded by different forms of art – mom was an actress and my stepfather was stage director, my grandfather was composer and professor at music academy, my uncle was a painter and journalist. As a young rebel I played guitar in a rock band.

What do you do with your limited free time?

I am a reader, reading in every spare moment. I started to read books very young, reading in the bathtub, and in coffee shops or with meals. I cannot fall asleep without reading using LA reader’s glasses. Besides reading I love walking at the ocean shore, love to listen to the sound and music of it.

If you could travel to any period based on the music, when would you go?

Definitely to the short period before WWI in Paris. A lot happened this time. New ideas and movements, revolts against old forms in music and art, Schonberg concerts with scandals, Stravinsky Rite of Spring in 1913, Debussy, Ravel, Mahler, Picasso, Monet, Satie, Milhaud, Apollinaire, Chaplin….can anyone imagine more exciting time in all creative arts?


At the Prague Conservatory I was a pupil of Professor Benda, a member of the Czech Philharmonic. His complete understanding music, his uncompromised respect for every note and details in the score and his deep devotion to the music taught me more than any other class in the school. He was open minded, generous, a great humanist, simply a man with a big heart.

What’s your composing method? (a) sitting at a piano (b) computer (c) pencil on manuscript paper (d) improvisation with musicians (e) other

I am writing and directly orchestrating using Digital Performer, often looking for ideas through improvising at the piano, and very often dream about music. It could be sometimes very specific or just abstract or I have stories connected to the music in my dreams.

Posted on April 19, 2018