Adam Robl and Shawn Sutta

Composers Adam Robl and Shawn Sutta (UNCLE JOHN) are Miami-based composers who might not be working together if fate had not intervened.  Their first feature film is UNCLE JOHN, which premiered at the 2015 SXSW film festival and has screened at 13 additional festivals.  Their score was called “spare and evocative” by The Capital Times.

Robl, a native of Deerfield Beach, FL did not begin playing music as a child yet his affinity for film music was clear to his family at age 6 when he and his brother would act out the scenes to Jurassic Park while listening to a cassette of the score. He first began playing guitar at age 12 and quickly gained proficiency. By age 15 he began playing with bands in clubs all over South Florida learning from older professional musicians that began to shape his interest in various styles of music. Eventually this interest would lead to a full scholarship to the University of Miami School of Music where he would study jazz and work towards perfecting his craft.

Miami-born Sutta’s love for music and recording was born out of a rare opportunity to tour and record in world-class studios beginning at age 11. Under the mentorship of Grammy-winning producer Richard Aspinwall, he was given the chance to join a band called Lighthouse, which performed all over the country and recorded in world-class studios in Nashville TN. It was here that Sutta developed a passion for recording. After graduating from the University of Miami with a degree in studio music and jazz, Sutta discovered a way to merge his passions for music, recording, and connecting with people with his lifelong affinity for cinema. His interest in the changing landscape of the production industry has led to an innovative approach to post-production collaboration that serves as a model for the next generation of film music studios.

Though Robl and Sutta originally met in college, it wasn’t until a few years later that fate stepped in and the two accidentally became neighbors. When people lock in on the right path, things seem to come easily – and within a week of launching their Miami-based production studio Audiocastle they were commissioned to provided music for a Special Olympics ad.  Since then they have written music for brands like Microsoft XBOX, Wrangler Jeans, Ford, Patrón, Reebok, and American Express.  Robl and Sutta’s music has been heard nationally on CBS (a Shark Week feature), in several shorts including AND THE WIND FALLS, and for the golf documentary OUR LONGEST DRIVE. They also have written Robl and Sutta are currently writing and producing an upcoming album for artist Keith Johns.