Gus Reyes

Mexican film composer, Gus Reyes’ film credits include MAGNICIDIO (2002), EL ULTIMO EVANGELIO (2008), EL ULTIMO PAÍS MÁGICO (2005), EL SECRETO (2010) and the soon to be released film EL ENTRENADOR (2014). Reyes also has collaborated with other composers like Andres Sanchez-Maher for EL CHARRO MISTERIOSO (2014) and Francisco Albisua in EL FANTÁSTICO MUNDO DE JUAN OROL (2012) as additional composer and orchestrator.  Reyes and Sanchez-Maher were part of the 2011 Latin Grammy Award-Winning unplugged concert of the rock band Zoé for their arrangements and orchestrations.

Invited by Bertha Navarro (Producer of Guillermo Del Toro´s PAN’S LABYRINTH and THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE), Reyes has been part of all Mexico City´s Film Music Labs since 2010 as a Film Scoring Advisor.

“The Dark Side of Light Suite” was presented for the first time for the Ibero-American Film Music Concert in Mexico City in late 2013 (featuring the MexFilm Orchestra under the direction of Arturo Rodriguez).