Maciej Zieliński

Born in 1971 in Warsaw, Maciej Zieliński is one of the most outstanding Polish composers of his generation. He graduated from the composition faculty of the Frederic Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw and from the Royal Academy of Music in London. His compositions encompass classical music, soundtracks, theatre music, songs and original television music.

Emotive and powerful, his film soundtracks create a proper ambiance as well as tell the story. His watermark is to combine contemporary electronic sounds with traditional instruments, which makes his compositions sound original and unique.

He has written scores for some of the biggest Polish blockbusters of recent years including “Never Ever”, “Just Love Me” and “Crime Detectives”. Films with his soundtracks boast an audience of over 10 million, while his released soundtrack albums have achieved golden and platinum status. His music has been released on nearly 30 albums.

As a composer, arranger and producer, he collaborates with the leading stars of the Polish music scene. His song “Who Knows” performed by De Su is one of the most frequently broadcast Polish and, more recently, Hungarian, Christmas song.

In 2016 and 2017 he received nominations for the Polish Film Academy Award –  “Eagles” in the category “Best Music” for the scores to “Photographer” dir. by Waldemar Krzystek (2016) and “Humble Servants” dir. by Mariusz Gawrys (2017).

His contemporary classical music is well known for its expressiveness, textural and formal invention, and individual postmodern approach. His music is highly sought after by Polish critics, performers and the audiences, being frequently performed at major contemporary music events. Maciej Zielinski is an award winner at many musical contests such as the Critics’ Award at the Second Meeting of Young Composers in Krakow (2nd Prize), the Sixth Syhtesizer-Musik-Festival in Brunswick (2nd Prize), The Young Composers’ Musica Sacra Contest (2nd Prize), The International Composer Contest Jihlava 96 (3rd Prize), The Polish Composers’ Contest in Gdansk 1997 (3rd Prize), The PTMW Multimedia Competition (Grand Prix), The Alan Bush Composition Prize in London, and the Josiah Parker Composition Prize in London. His compositions have been performed at the most important festivals such as The Warsaw Autumn Festival, the 14th Syhtesizer-Musik-Festival in Brunswick, Musica del Novecento in Rome, the European Youth Music Festival Copenhagen’96, The Park Lane Festival in London, The World Music Days in Romania, Presteigne Festival. His music is available on albums published by EMI Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, PWM, Dux, ZPR Records, Polskie Nagrania, Acte Prealable and the Polish Radio.  

In April 2000 the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music selected his composition “Lutoslawski in Memoriam” for oboe and piano for their syllabus in English Schools. The album that contains “The I String Quartet” performed by the quartet DAFO, published by PWM/Dux, received the Frederic 2000 Award. September 2011 saw the release of his classical monographic album “Across the Millenniums”.

During the 2011 – 2012 art season Maciej Zielinski enjoyed the status of the Composer-In-Residence at the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra. In February 2012 he received a nomination for the Frederic 2012 award in the category “Best Composer of the Year”.




2017 – “Desolation” dir. by David Moscow

2017 – “With rhythm of the heartbeat” dir. by Piotr Wereśniak

2017 – “Just Friendship” dir. by Filip Zylber

2016 – “Alaska is a drag” dir. by Shaz Bennett

2016 – “The Tale of Old Miller” dir. by Pavel Grytsak

2016 – “Humble servants” dir. by Mariusz Gawrys

2015 – ”Natureland” dir. by Malcolm Murray

2015 – “Sucked in” dir. by Piotr Weresniak

2015 – ”Put the siren on” dir. by Leszek Korusiewicz

2014 – ”Photographer” dir. by Waldemar Krzystek

2011 – ”Oh, Charles 2” dir. by Piotr Weresniak

2010 – ”Baby Project” dir. by Adam Dobrzycki

2008 – ”It is not as you think, Honey” dir. by Slawomir Krynski

2008 – ”Agents” dir. by Piotr Weresniak (TV Series)

2008 – ”Darling, don’t lie” dir. by Piotr Weresniak

2008 – ”Once again” dir. by Mariusz Malec

2007 – ”Why not!” dir. by Ryszard Zatorski

2007 – ”Shades of happiness” dir. by Natalia Koryncka(TV Series)

2006 – ”Stuntmen” dir. by Marcin Ziebinski

2006 – ”Just love me” dir. by Ryszard Zatorski

2004 – ”Crime detectives” dir. by Ryszard Zatorski (TV Series)

2004 – ”Never ever” dir. by Ryszard Zatorski

2000 – ”A very Christmas story” dir. by Dariusz Zawislak

1997 – ”Germans” dir. by Zbigniew Kaminski

1996 – ”Street games” dir. by Krzysztof Krauze