Mark Leggett

Composer Mark Leggett’s (MY NAME IS EARL, ANNE FRANK’S HOLOCAUST) picked up the guitar at an early age and taught himself the styles of the places he lived. An Air Force kid, constantly relocating, Leggett would check out the local music scene of each new city, learning swampy R&B in Arkansas, jazz/blues in Kansas City, grungy-rock in Washington State, and even learning the blend of ethnic styles in Guam and The Asia-Pacific territories.  It is this versatility that is exemplified through his work as a composer for documentaries and television.

After moving to Los Angeles in the early 80s, Leggett was signed as a songwriter by Warner Chappell and would team with developing and established artists to write songs, most notably with Kylie Minogue.  As a guitarist, his work can be heard on the Eminem song “Toy Soldiers”, also a #1 hit for the singer Martika.  Some musician friends asked Leggett to work with them on a Fox show – which led to Leggett’s first TV mini-series GREAT DRIVES where he composed music that was recorded by LEVON HELM and THE BAND.

Leggett has become a valued-collaborator with numerous composers and recording artists.  His collaboration with Velton Ray Bunch on the main titles for the NBC series THE PRETENDER would earn Leggett his first EMMY® nomination.  He was brought in by Danny Lux to co-compose the music for the hit TV series MY NAME IS EARL, and also collaborated with guitarist/songwriter Richard Thompson on several documentaries including DARK SECRETS OF THE LUSITANIA and JFK: THE FINAL HOURS.  Leggett would earn his second EMMY nomination for CONQUISTADOR: A DAY IN THEIR LIVES.

With a résumé that boasts includes documentaries set all over the world, from The American South to South Africa, Scotland to Vietnam, Leggett’s interest in regional sounds and instruments continues to color his tonal palate.  In his Los Angeles studio, he utilizes traditional instrumentation, modern circuitry, and world-class musicians to record his music.  Leggett’s latest project, the National Geographic Production of ANNE FRANK’S HOLOCAUST is perhaps his most traditional composition to date, featureing more typical orchestral arrangements.

Leggett’s upcoming projects include the WB/NBC production COAT OF MANY COLORS (the Dolly Parton story) as well as the independent feature film AMERICAN ROMANCE.