Ronen Landa

Composer Ronen Landa draws on a breadth of influences to create music that is inventive and daring, and, above all, music that communicates. The press has hailed his work as “an astounding auditory journey… an intricate and delightful aural treat” (Cinema Without Borders) and “Landa creates a mesmerizing spectrum of sound that immerses the listener in its aural depths” (Randall Larson’s Soundtrax).

Landa’s career as a classically trained composer could not have been easily predicted. Aside from a few years of piano lessons as a youngster, the bulk of his initial musical training came in the form of listening to hordes of rock and jazz albums, teaching himself to play songs on his guitar, and performing with bands in his hometown outside Washington, D.C.

Upon moving to New York City at 17, Landa was reintroduced to classical repertoire, and soon thereafter began composing for chamber ensembles and orchestras. Even as he continued to perform in popular settings, his musical interests broadened to include New York’s improvisational music scene and musical traditions from around the world.

Feature films Landa has scored include the Sundance hit horror film THE PACT, the romantic comedy CAVEMEN, the 2014 horror film AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR (Official Selection: SXSW), the romantic drama A RISING TIDE (Official Selection: Seattle International Film Festival) and psychological thriller ELOISE.  Upcoming films include dark comedy YINZ and indie drama AQUARIANS.

Documentaries include MAD AS HELL (Hot Docs 2014 Conscious Media Award Winner) about online news show The Young Turks, the uplifting environmental documentary BURNING IN THE SUN (PBS, Winner of the Cinema for Peace International Green Film Award), the landmark Iraqi-made documentary THE DREAMS OF SPARROWS (Official Selection: SXSW), CITY OF BORDERS (Winner of the Teddy Audience Award, Berlin International Film Festival) and PARAÌSO (NYTimes Op-Doc; Best Short Documentary at 2012 Tribeca Film Festival & the Seattle International Film Festival).

Landa contributed music to the Discovery Channel/BBC original series Life, and has had tracks featured on Fox’s House M.D., Comedy Central’s Colbert Report and History’s American Pickers among others. Alongside his film scoring career, Landa has remained active composing music for the concert hall. Most recently the Contemporary Performance Collective premiered “Triple Fortified” (2015) for chamber octet in Los Angeles.

Currently, Landa resides in Los Angeles. He received his B.A in Music and Political Science from Columbia University, where he graduated with honors in music, and his M.A. in music composition and film scoring from New York University. He plays guitar, mandolin, oud (Arabic lute), and other stringed instruments.