The Newton Brothers

Film and television composers Andy & Taylor have been making music since they were kids. Both raised on opera, radio, concerts and movies, The Newton Brothers find influence from greats such as Puccini, Debussy, Elmer Bernstein, Kraftwerk, NIN, The Beatles, Bernard Herrmann, Hall & Oates and Erich Korngold.

The Newton Brothers have attended The University of San Diego, Berklee and UCLA. Their passion for music combined with their knowledge of classical music and electronic technology allows them to build collages of sound from broken glass, detuned Steinways and an orchestra of angelic choirs.  Multi-talented, The Newton Brothers bring a musical arsenal to every project. Well steeped in the classics as well as modern electronic and rock sensibilities, they can pull off a full orchestral, a club-smart remixed electronic, a guitar based acoustic, a piano centric romantic and a dirty garage, full pump punk rock score with grace and authenticity.

Taylor and Andy play piano, guitars, basses, clarinet, flute, accordion, sax, harmonica, percussion, organ, kazoo, cello, and wine glasses.  The two originally thought to call themselves Andy Taylor, but that would make them a member of Duran Duran.

The Newton Brothers had three films which debuted at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival: Elmore Leonard’s, LIFE OF CRIME directed by Dan Schechter (starring Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins, Isla Fisher, John Hawkes and Mos Def), OCULUS directed by Mike Flanagan (starring Katee Sackoff, Karen Gillan, and James Lafferty), and PROXY directed by Zack Parker (starring Joe Swanberg, Alexa Havens, and Kristina Klebe). Other recent projects include Wayne Kramer’s dark comedy PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES (starring Paul Walker, Matt Dillon, Elijah Wood and Brendan Fraser) and Tony Kaye’s acclaimed dramatic feature DETACHMENT (starring Adrien Brody, Lucy Liu, Christina Hendricks, James Caan).

The Newton Brothers have scored and written songs for feature films such as:  SETUP (directed by Mike Gunther), REVOLUCION (directed by Rodrigo Garcia), THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES (directed by Mark Pellington) and RULES OF ATTRACTION (directed by Roger Avery).  The club track “Later Guy” from the film became an underground success with people online dedicating forum threads to hunting it down, as it was not released on the soundtrack.

They currently split there time between LA, NY and Toronto. Currently The Newton Brothers are working on an Opera based on The Odyssey.